Engine upgrade

After using it for over a year, one day while I was pushing snow and right in the middle of it, the motor bogged down, made an awful clunk and stopped.  This was not good!!!!  After man handling it into the garage stall, I determined that a chunk of metal shaving had gotten into an oil passage, and starved it of oil.  Oil starvation is not good for engines, and in this case, it caused it to blow a rod!  Not good!  I knew there was more snow in the forecast, and I had some time off due to the holidays, and I needed a new motor!  I did a lot of looking in a short amount of time, and finally found a good used motor on eBay for a reasonable price vs buying a new motor.  I got it ordered, and had it shipped into the closest UPS terminal.  My wife is a gem, and picked it up for me in some bad weather, as she worked in the city where the UPS terminal was.  Once she arrived with it, I reinstalled it, making a few tweaks to get it to fit, motor mount adapters, and exhaust pipe adapters, and then I was ready to push snow again.  The second motor is considerably newer, and slightly bigger at 18hp.  I haven’t had any other issues to date.

New Engine

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