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Welcome to Kustom’s by Kent

Kustom’s by Kent was created so I can record my garage projects and share them with you. I am a mechanical engineer by day and an inventor by night. I am happiest when my hands are dirty, I’m elbow deep in a project, and working on my the latest idea. I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m working on and I am always willing to answer questions or provide additional details. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Most Popular Projects:

Miller Snow Dozer

DIY Solar Panel

1951 International Truck with Knuckleboom Crane


Recently added content:


0571951 Chevrolet Coupe


3-16-2014 Top 5 reasons to build your own solar panel:

DIY Solar Panel

1-7-2014 Shop updates:

Sheetrocking the Endwall of Mezzanine

2-5-2014: added content for solar panel built back in Feb 2010

DIY Air to air solar panel Air to Air Solar Panel


November 2014:  Knuckleboom Project updates!


Part 21: Testing the theory, then disassembly


Part 22: Re-Assembly… It WORKS!!!!

Payloader updates:

Fuel pump: November 2013 Updates


Replacing the clutch throw-out bearing

Installing Air Horns on the sidecar!

Cart Sailing in Malaysia

           IMG_0651                                                                                                 American DUKW Boat in New Zealand

American LARC-V “DUKW” tour in Singapore

The New Zealand Caterpillar Experience

IMG_0460 - Copy
Tirau Museum


1950 Chevrolet 3800 Panel Van
1950 Chevrolet 3800 Panel Van

Ford F6 COE
Ford F6 COE (For Sale!)

1950 Chevy COE1950 Chevrolet COE Flatbed Truck

My latest projects:

1951 Int’l truck gets a Knuckleboom crane

Custom Built Snow Dozer
My Custom Built Snow Dozer


Chang Jiang 750 sidecar motorcycle
Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar Motorcycle

Heavy Equipment:

Payloaders: Michigan 55A & Michigan 75A



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