Kustom’s by Kent was created so I can record my projects and share them with you. I am a mechanical designer by day and an inventor by night. I am happiest when my hands are dirty, I’m elbow deep in a project, and working on my the latest idea. I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m working on and I am always willing to answer questions or provide additional details. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

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All Terrain Track Chair (ATTC)

All Terrain Track Chair (ATTC) Imagine for a minute that you have lost all function in your legs, and muscle loss in your upper body...think of all of the things that you take for granted that you can no longer ...
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All Terrain Track Chair (ATTC)

All Terrain Track Chair (ATTC) Video Summary

All Terrain Track Chair (ATTC) Video Summary   Here is a summary of the video's I've posted to youtube tracking the progress of ATTC.  The most recent video is first, and goes back in time sequentially as you scroll down ...
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3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen

I bought a new TOY/TOOL today..... it's a 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen, similar to the 3Doodler, but made by Myriwell in China.  Its pretty much identical to the one by Afunta that is sold on Amazon. We were at Thames ...
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Kustom Klock

Wood Gear Clock Project

Wood Gear Clock Project I have always liked clocks, and I think I get that from my mother!  Let's just say that in her living room that you never have to worry about seeing a clock to tell what time ...
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dad's dozer 1 small

Mini-Dozer Track Research

Mini-Dozer Track Research The tracks on the mini-dozer have always been the weak point.  Dad used a cast iron style link with attachment ears that he bolted some tire treads to.  When it held together, it worked okay, but usually ...
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Forklift Hoisting Hook Attachment

Forklift Hoisting Hook Attachment Back when I was getting ready for the Knuckleboom crane project, I knew I wanted a hook attachment for the forklift, as I needed a safe way to tip up vertical.  Looping some chains around the ...
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Shop Projects

Shop Projects This page is to summarize the various shop projects that are more miscellaneous and don't fit anywhere else but are still worth talking about.  These will include improvements to the shop itself, and tools/equipment related to the shop ...
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Steel Material Rack

Steel Material Rack July 2014 I had previously had steel stock located on a rack that was hard to get to, and hard to get material on and off.  I had just bought some more steel for a new project ...
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1993 Kawasaki ZX750L Ninja

1993 Kawasaki ZX750L Ninja I did a considerable amount of body and paintwork on this bike when I originally got it (Spring of 2006, I think) as it had been in a light accident and boogered up the front facia, ...
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Kustoms By Kent T-shirt


I've got one of these myself, to learn more about it, click here.  T-Shirts from KustomsByKent See all of our stuff at the KustomsByKent Storefront Here's our top items: ...
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