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Welcome to Kustom’s by Kent

Kustom’s by Kent was created so I can record my garage projects and share them with you. I am a mechanical engineer by day and an inventor by night. I am happiest when my hands are dirty, I’m elbow deep in a project, and working on my the latest idea. I hope you enjoy seeing what I’m working on and I am always willing to answer questions or provide additional details. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Most Popular Projects:

Miller Snow Dozer1951 International Truck with Knuckleboom Crane
             Miller Snow Dozer                                 Knuckle Boom Crane

DIY Solar PanelMiller 3 wheeler

                DIY Solar Panel                                     Miller 3 Wheeler

Recent Posts:

Solar panel for radiant floor heat v2

Solar Panel for Radiant Floor Heat

Solar Panel for Radiant Floor Heat Introduction When my brother and I originally planned the shop, we were aiming for floor heat as we had experienced that at some other guy's shop, and really liked it.  Back in 2001/2002, we ...
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C Clamp

Recommended Vise Grips

Vise Grips! (Adjustable jaw locking pliers!) Vise Grip is actually the Brand name of a particular adjustable jaw locking pliers made by Irwin. They were the original and have been copied by many others. In my opinion, it is worth ...
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Must own tools

Recommended Tools

I put together lists of what tools I recommend whether you are just starting out or if you are looking to expand on what you currently own. I have used all of these tools and only recommend what I would ...
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Allen wrench Collage

Recommended Allen Wrench Set or Hex Wrench Set

Allen Wrenches or Hex wrenches Some specialty hardware has an internal hex that you must use a male hex on. These wrenches typically come in sets in a nice holder. Available in both SAE and Metric, I recommend a set ...
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screwdriver set

Recommended Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers!!!! There are so many types of screwdrivers that you could go crazy trying to pick which one is correct!!! If you are just starting out, only on need to start with one: a combination screwdriver that has a #1 ...
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pipe wrench

Recommended Pipe Wrenches

Pipe Wrenches These are for gripping onto steel pipe to rotate it onto fittings. Pipe wrenches have a wide variety of sizes. Somewhat specialized, but a medium sized one is helpful for at home. Changing a sink drain or a ...
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side cutter plier

Recommended Pliers

Pliers A basic pliers can be a “good” substitute for wrenches, sockets, or just turning a stubborn screw. They can also be used for a multitude of odd jobs. A requirement for the person just starting out There are many ...
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tool guide

Master Hand Tool List

  Here are the tools I recommend for homeowners, DIY, and general repairs. If you click on each category, you will see the tools I recommend for each category. Hammers Claw hammer, framing hammer ball pein hammer, dead blow hammer, ...
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Miller 3 Wheeler: Suspension Design

Miller 3 Wheeler: Suspension Design Part 1: 5-12-2014   Suspension design can get really deep, really quick. I will attempt to document this in a clear understandable way. I'm not an expert by any means on this, but I know ...
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Miller 3 Wheeler

Miller 3 Wheeler I’ve always liked the look of the Morgan 3 wheeler, both the vintage version and the “newly” released version. But at a starting price of ~$42000, this isn’t something I’m going to buy. I know I can ...
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