Unit Conversion: distance, area, volume, pressure, etc:

Metal & Plastic: Material Properties:

Metal Suppliers:

Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper Online pricing:

State Steel: Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel:

Watertown, SD Scrap Steel and New Steel:

Macksteel Warehouse:


Plastic Suppliers:

Acrylic, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, etc:

Online ordering:


Aluminum Information:



Joining Aluminum Extrusion:

Casting Metal:

Professionals: For prototyping needs:

Professionals: good information on Diecasting:

DIY for sand casting:

DIY for sand casting, this guy is also building a pretty awesome boat and documenting the project:

DIY for sand casting & patterns:

Corrosion and Rust: here’s some good information on that subject, explains both the theory and the practical application:


Vehicle Information:

Ignition troubleshooting, here’s some good information on the basics of points, coil style ignition:

Discussion on Spark & Ignition:

Chevrolet Trucks, the Stovebolt:

Manuals: awesome place for Chevy manuals for car/truck 1940’s & 1950’s and FREE:

Chevrolet Trucks, COE (Cab Over Engine):



Miller Welding Resource: nice write-ups on the basics for MIG, TIG, Stick and Plasma Cutting:

I’m not biased towards either one, so here’s a link to information by Lincoln Welding:

Here’s a good link for information on Welding Symbols and how to use them: 





NPT, NPTF, ORB, JIC 37 Flare, what’s the difference?  Here’s some good links to all things hydraulic for fittings and hoses:

Hydraulic parts, not much for design info, but easy to find parts and part specs:

Hydraulic parts:


Metal Shaping:

Really good explanation of metal shaping tools: 


Miscellaneous Items:

Here is where I ordered the shaft couplers used in the Miller Snow dozer to connect the hydrostatic transaxles to the snowmobile track drive shafts: