The Shop & Equipment

The Shop & Equipment

The Shop in Northeast South Dakota: 50’x96’x16′ post frame building by Foltz Buildings

Kustoms by Kent Shop

Major equipment:


IMG_0685  IMG_0689 IMG_0683

Vertical mill, MSC, 3hp 3-phase motor w/variable speed, 10×54″ table w/ dual vices, power feed on the x-axis, X & Y axis digital readout

IMG_9241 IMG_9242

IMG_9243 IMG_9244 IMG_9245
Bandsaw, 7×12″, RF 712N


Di-Acro Shear No. 36k – Foot Shear, 36″ width

folding brake

Sheetmetal folder, Harbor Freight

IMG_9233 IMG_9236

Miller 250 Syncrowave TIG welder

IMG_9229 IMG_9230 IMG_9231

Miller Regency 250 MIG with 22A wire feeder (steel), and the 30A spool gun attachment for aluminum
Red box is a Pow-Con plasma torch that uses the Miller 250 as the power source.

IMG_9227 IMG_9228

Lincoln 250 MIG welder

Rockwell 6×48″ belt sander (vertical)

Torin Air Bumper Jack


6hp 60 gallon air compressor (foreground, right)

7.5hp 2 stage 80 gallon compressor connected to second 80 gallon tank.  Plumbed with 1/2″ hose for use with sand blaster

Sandblaster cabinet
40 Lb. Capacity Floor Blast Cabinet


Standalone Sandblaster (large) with full face mask with air supply

Shop-built tube notcher

Komatsu Forklift, 120″ lift, 48″ forks, 3500lb capacity at 24″


Leblond Lathe 15×42

282258b IMG_9223
Hydraulic Tubing Bender

IMG_9247 IMG_9246

Pittsburgh Tubing Roller

Sheet metal Shaping equipment: Mini-English Wheel, and others.

IMG_7873 IMG_7932 IMG_6654

Click on the link above for more information on these tools.

Latest addition:

3D printer for printing functional parts in ABS


IMG_9053 IMG_7443

 Inside the shop:

The front “half” (50×55′) is separated by an insulated wall with 2 swing open doors, each one 6′ wide and 16′ tall. This area has a concrete floor, insulated walls and ceilings, and fluorescent lighting. It also has an upper mezzanine in a portion of it.

Home Shop - Front area

The back “half” is not insulated, and only has some sodium high-bay lights. It has pallet racking on the back wall, and is mainly used for storage and vehicle parking.

The Shop - Back Area IMG_4250

IMG_4246 IMG_4247

You can find out more about the vehicles here.


Shop projects: Forklift hook, Material Rack, and many more!



And my other “shop”, the little garage I have in China!!

China Garage rotated