Part 22: Making the blade assembly removable

When I originally designed the Miller Snow Dozer, I envisioned that I’d want to be able to make the blade assembly be removable.  With that in mind, I made the mounts so they could easily disconnect, but I didn’t have the right fittings to disconnect the hoses for the tilt cylinders.

I finally decided to get this portion done, so based on pictures I had taken much earlier, and while in China, I figured out what fittings I would need and ordered them from  The fittings were a combination of JIC 37, which is a flare style seal, some NPT fittings, and of course the quick disconnects.  I ordered a combination of male and female swivel JIC37 fittings to make sure I could get it to work right.

Back in the US in July 2014 for a couple of weeks, and it was time to get this done.  My efforts of pre-ordering everything paid off, and I had all of the correct fittings.  I disconnected the hoses, dry fit everything as a check and then sealed the NPT connections with pipe sealant.

Here’s some pictures of before:

IMG_7295 IMG_7296 IMG_7297

With the quick disconnects added to the hoses:


Here it is with the blade disconnected!


Here’s the video of the very first time of disconnecting the blade completely…. less than 30 seconds!!!

Here’s a video of a bit of driving it around without the blade on it, and then lining up to re-attach the blade assembly.

Here’s a video of re-attaching the blade assembly for the very first time, only 1 min 40 secs to reattach!!!

So why have the blade assembly be removable?  Well, I’m planning ahead and thinking about some other attachments for this piece of equipment.

I’d like to make a small fork assembly, so that it could be used to carry heavy items around the yard, move rocks, carry patio bricks, etc.  My forklift is too heavy for out in the grass yard, and my payloaders are a bit big for a lot of the stuff.  I could also add another attachment to the forks that has a ball on it and use it for moving trailers around in tight spots.  It would beat the heck out of backing up a pickup!!

Additionally, from the beginning of this project I’ve been thinking about a large snow blower attachment.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of ways of doing it, and one of them involves having a separate motor for the blower so it’s got lots of power!!!  Another thought is to tie into the existing hydraulic system, and use a hydraulic motor to spin it.  Regardless, it will take more time than I want to spend right now, but I might do some further research and design on it at some point.

Potentially a ripper claw or shallow rippers for stirring up dirt for flower beds, etc.  Low on the priority list at this point in time.

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