Miller Snow Dozer

Miller Snow Dozer

Custom Built Miller Snow Dozer Miller Snow Dozer pictoral summary

The Miller Snow Dozer was built to serve a practical need.  My townhouse complex has north facing garage doors, so when small amounts of snow falls, the snow needs to be removed quickly before people drive on it and pack it into ice.  Since the garages block the sun, it will never melt off until spring.  I’ve since moved out to an acreage, which also has a decent driveway and north facing garage doors.  It works great for clearing the snow and keeping the garage concrete slab clear.  From light snow falls to even heavy/high drifts, I’m able to remove the snow with minimal effort.


  • 18hp Kohler V-twin horizontal shaft Engine
  • Hydro-Gear Left & right hydrostatic transaxles
  • Snowmobile tracks from some ’89 & ’93 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
  • Dozer blade: 78″ wide, Steel Frame & Polyethylene sheeting, full hydraulic up/down and tilt left/right via foot pedals. Blade is removable with quick hardware & couplers on hydraulics.
  • Heated handles
  • Dual Forward Headlights & Single Rear Light
  • Weight: ~800 lbs


YouTube Video Links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Short Summary of Parts 1, 2 & 3

Pushing snow for the 1st time

Pushing snow for 1st time (2)

Breaking up some snow & clearing it

Pushing some snow

Pushing snow and climbing the pile

Spinning Donuts!

Miller Snow Dozer vertical collage

Link to complete design & build details