Miller Snow Dozer

Miller Snow Dozer

Custom Built Miller Snow Dozer Miller Snow Dozer pictoral summary

The Miller Snow Dozer was built to serve a practical need.  My townhouse complex has north facing garage doors, so when small amounts of snow falls, the snow needs to be removed quickly before people drive on it and pack it into ice.  Since the garages block the sun, it will never melt off until spring.

Part 1: Why I built the snow dozer
John Deere 110 and Miller Snow Dozer

 Part 2: Initial Concept
Kohler 17-hp 2-cylinder engine

Part 3: Tracks and Transaxles
Suspension Proto Type

Part 4: Start of the Frame
Wood frame prototype

Part 5: Proof of Concept
Proof of concept for Miller Snow Dozer

Part 6: Start of the steel frame, no more 2x4s!!!
Start of steel frame

Part 7: Steel frame continued!
Steel frame continued

Part 8: Steel frame and prepping for a test run
Prepping for a test run

Part 9: Test run, and it’s only tack welded together!
Another Test Run

Part 10: Belt tensioner and preliminary blade testing
Belt Tensioner

Part 11: Prep work for the Hydraulic system
Prep work for the hydraulic system

Part 12: Now here’s a REAL blade!
Start of the custom blade

Part 13: Hydraulic system buying the parts and assembling & tread plate assembly
Tread plate

Part 14: First test of the hydraulic system
Testing the hydraulics

Part 15: Another test drive, then blade assembly and another test drive
Another test run

Part 16: Foot pedals for hydraulics & Sheetmetal engine and belt covers and wiring box & blade springs
Foot pedals for hydraulics
Part 17: Teardown, full welding, sandblasting and powdercoating

Part 18: Re-Assembly and Pushing some Snow!!
Test driving snow dozer

Part 19: Comparison between Old and New
John Deere 110 vs. Miller Snow Dozer

Part 20: Final tweaks: heated hand grips
Test driving snow dozer

Part 21: Engine Upgrade
New Engine

Part 22: Making the Blade Assembly Removable




Cost & Hours Summary


YouTube Video Links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Short Summary of Parts 1, 2 & 3

Pushing snow for the 1st time

Pushing snow for 1st time (2)

Breaking up some snow & clearing it

Pushing some snow

Pushing snow and climbing the pile

Spinning Donuts!

Miller Snow Dozer vertical collage



I bought a used set of forks, and did a bit of CAD modeling for a fork attachment.  Check back soon for some pics and updates.