Snow Dozer Build Details

Miller Snow Dozer Build Details

Miller Snow Dozer pictoral summary

Here are the pages that go into detail on the build of the Miller Snow Dozer:

Part 1: Why I built the snow dozer
John Deere 110 and Miller Snow Dozer

 Part 2: Initial Concept
Kohler 17-hp 2-cylinder engine

Part 3: Tracks and Transaxles
Suspension Proto Type

Part 4: Start of the Frame
Wood frame prototype

Part 5: Proof of Concept
Proof of concept for Miller Snow Dozer

Part 6: Start of the steel frame, no more 2x4s!!!
Start of steel frame

Part 7: Steel frame continued! 
Steel frame continued

Part 8: Steel frame and prepping for a test run
Prepping for a test run

Part 9: Test run, and it’s only tack welded together!
Another Test Run

Part 10: Belt tensioner and preliminary blade testing
Belt Tensioner

Part 11: Prep work for the Hydraulic system
Prep work for the hydraulic system

Part 12: Now here’s a REAL blade!
Start of the custom blade

Part 13: Hydraulic system buying the parts and assembling & tread plate assembly
Tread plate

Part 14: First test of the hydraulic system
Testing the hydraulics

Part 15: Another test drive, then blade assembly and another test drive
Another test run

Part 16: Foot pedals for hydraulics & Sheetmetal engine and belt covers and wiring box & blade springs
Foot pedals for hydraulics
Part 17: Teardown, full welding, sandblasting and powdercoating

Part 18: Re-Assembly and Pushing some Snow!!
Test driving snow dozer

Part 19: Comparison between Old and New
John Deere 110 vs. Miller Snow Dozer

Part 20: Final tweaks: heated hand grips
Test driving snow dozer

Part 21: Engine Upgrade
New Engine

Part 22: Making the Blade Assembly Removable



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