ProRide ®

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ProRide® is a registered trademark, and refers to an airbag suspension for trailers that my brother and I designed and built.

Steel parts are CNC laser-cut, and CNC bent.  Parts are MIG welded together, sandblasted for optimal paint adhesion, and then powdercoated for the most durable paint job available.  The main pivot is a polyurethane bushing normally used on off-road 4×4 trucks for the best joint performance.  Airbags are rated for 2500 lbs each, for a joint capacity of 5000 lbs.  Used with a 3500 lb axle (supplied by you), means you can run lower pressures for a softer ride for your load.  Plumbed airlines with quick connect fittings means its fast to assemble, easy to seal (push to connect), and a Y-connector brings them together to one convenient place for maintaining air pressure.

This system is suited for a wide variety of applications, including motorcycle trailers, utility trailers, and boat trailers.  Hauling precious goods?  This is the system for you.

Complete kits are for sale, contact me for pricing and details.

Here’s what you get:

ProRide Parts9-15-07 001


Installation onto trailer:


Driving with an empty trailer, you air the bags down to only a few pounds, and it glides along quite nicely, floating over bumps rather than banging over each one.

Once you load it up, you can air up the bags to maintain ride height and not bottom out over bumps.