Travel in Singapore

I’ve been in Singapore for both work and leisure, and they have some cool stuff there.  Singapore is one of the richest cities in Southeast Asia because it is a port city so a majority of trade comes through it.  Due to the wealth of the city, cars, trucks and equipment tends to be well maintained and in good condition.  Because Singapore is limited in land area, they have artificially enlarged the island by bringing in sand from other countries and extending the coastline.  Cars are limited to only 10 years, after that they must be exported out of Singapore, as a consequence, there are no old cars in Singapore!  Nice to visit, but not for me!  Also, since cars must be imported, they are more expensive, plus there is an additional cost called the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) that can easily exceed the cost of the car. As of October 2013, the COE for a small car was ~$70,000 USD.  So everyone in the US has no right to complain about the cost of titling and licensing a vehicle, we have it so easy…. I should know, I have many vehicles that I license in the US right now.

Check out the links below for cool stuff I’ve seen/done in Singapore:

LARC-V “DUKW” tour