New Zealand trip: Old cars, motorycles, heavy equipment & more!

During the Mid-Autumn Holiday in China, we took a vacation to New Zealand, October 2012.  My wife did a majority of the planning for this one, and she found some good stuff.  I have a lot of pictures, so I’m going to break them up into separate pages for easier browsing.

IMG_0460 - Copy
Tirau Museum

This guy has traveled extensively, and collected items from around New Zealand and Australia to display.  He’s done it all himself, and put together a quite interesting assortment of stuff.  It ranges from cars, motorcycles, stationary engines, to military items and other vintage items.  Click on the link to see all of the pictures.

The New Zealand Caterpillar Experience

This museum has a ton of old Caterpillars that have been restored and nicely displayed. We visited in October 2012, and unfortunately for everyone else, it is currently closed as of February of 2013, so enjoy the pictures as who knows when it might reopen!

On a more touristy note, we took a ride on a Duck (DUKW) boat!  I took the opportunity to take some good pictures of the driveline.
American DUKW Boat in New Zealand