Cart Sailing in Malaysia

We spent a few days at an over the ocean resort in Malaysia, and the main attraction for me was the promise of cart sailing on the beach.  I had never done such a thing, and it sounded cool.  I normally go for stuff that’s got a throttle of some sort, but it seemed like there was the promise of speed.

Unfortunately, when we first got there, the winds were too low, and the tide was in, so no cart sailing.  The next day, the tide was out, which leaves a nice hard surface of sand, but the winds were still too low.  I stilled tried it, but no dice.  Finally, the morning of the day we had to leave, the winds finally got strong enough for us to give it a try.  And it was AWESOME!  Turns out there is sort of a throttle, the line you hold to control the sail acts as a throttle to control the speed, the other hand is for the steering wheel.  In the right conditions with the proper setup, these things will go up to 3 times the speed of the wind; but we were limited in space and equipment.  Still, it was a lot of fun!

The resort worker was a small light guy, so he was able to show us some stunts by lifting one wheel high in the air! Check out the video below!

IMG_5200   IMG_5201   IMG_5202   IMG_5203

IMG_5259 IMG_5246 IMG_5255