Sheetrocking end of Mezzanine area

Years ago my brother and I had built a main mezzanine area of 15×36 feet in the shop, with stairs on the end.  We closed in that area with 2×4 walls, and sheetrocked the one long side, but had left the endwall.  Then later we added a smaller area of mezzanine, and that’s where the 2 air compressors sit.  I had been wanting to sheetrock in the endwall for some time, but knew it wasn’t something I could do by myself.  Since my brother was coming out this year after the holidays for a few days, I figured this was a good time to get this done.  We first needed to install a window, we’d purchased it many years ago and had been sitting for many years.


Using the forklift and a pallet, we then used 2 planks (2×12’s) to connect from pallet to stairs making a nice work platform.  The pallet is clamped to the forks, and we added cleats underneath the planks to tie them together and keep it from sliding.

Now to install the window:



We then started hanging the sheetrock, we had some 5/8″ thick 4’x12′ sheets, which are really heavy!

I didn’t get any pictures during that process, but here’s the finished view of the sheetrock:



Then we put up a handrail, as the stairs are a bit steeper than standard to fit correctly in the layout.



After that we installed some hooks on a nearby wall to hang up some air hoses.  This is that the top of the stairs looking to the right.  The two air compressors are located there, as well as my sandblaster from Harbor Freight.  The wall and big doors separate the front half of the shop from the rear half of the shop that is not insulated or concreted.



The first air compressor is a 6hp 6o gal Black max.  We’ve had this one for more than 10 years.

The second one is partially hidden, and is a 7.5 hp 80 gal connected to the blue/gray tank that is another ~80 gals.  This is plumbed with 1/2″ hose for use with the bigger sandblaster (not shown) and other heavy air use tools.