Recommended Vise Grips

Vise Grips! (Adjustable jaw locking pliers!)

Vise Grip is actually the Brand name of a particular adjustable jaw locking pliers made by Irwin. They were the original and have been copied by many others. In my opinion, it is worth it to pay slightly more to get the Original Vise Grips, as it is better quality, and the jaws stay aligned much better. I have bought others, and I’ve found out the hard way. Why is a vise grips so handy? Well, they have many general uses and can replace end wrenches, pliers, crescent wrench, and one of the few that work if you round off the head of a fastener. They also work as clamps to hold parts for drilling or welding or sawing. A selection of sizes is available, I recommend you start with the Original 10” size, and then add to that as needed. I also like the smaller 7”, and small 5”, as well as the needlenose options.

irwin vise grip set
Irwin Tools Vise-Grip Set, 3-Piece

Bridging between clamps and locking pliers is the Locking C-Clamps, which adds some large “C” jaws to the locking pliers, and allows you to reach in and clamp around obstructions. These are quick necessary for welding/fabrication, and also drilling or sawing operations. At least 2 is a requirement, more is even better! They also have longer reach ones that can reach inward up to 10”. They make a regular pad and also a swivel pad version. I prefer the regular pad version the best.

C Clamp
Vise-Grip 18-6SP Locking C Clamp with Swivel Pads