Knuckleboom Crane: Preparing for the Lift!

Part 9: Preparing for the Lift!

I knew that lifting the knuckleboom with the forklift and placing it into position on the truck was going to be a bit challenging due to the weight and size, and being right at capacity of my forklift.  After doing some measuring, I figured out that there was no way I could use my hook attachment on the forks to lift it into position, I didn’t have the reach or the weight capacity!  All I could think of was tipping the forklift over onto it’s front!

I decided to lift it like this instead:


That kept the weight as low as possible, but the center of gravity was farther out than I would have liked.  I clamped the forks to the crane so they wouldn’t slip off during the lift, and added another strap so it couldn’t tip off to the front either.

Now it was time to position the forklift and the truck for the actual lift.  I wanted to make sure that during the actual lift that the forklift had to move as little as possible, and that it was on level concrete.

You can see the in the pictures that there’s barely any weight on the rear tires of the forklift, it was super light back there!

IMG_9667 IMG_9668

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