Knuckleboom crane: Introduction & Why

A knuckle-boom crane is one that folds into itself to store in a smaller space. Typically these cranes are mounted onto trucks, usually right behind the cab, and are used to lift items on and off the truck. This can eliminate the need for a forklift or another crane on the job site or delivery spot.

During my world travels, I’ve seen them heavily used in Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. You see them some in the US, but not as prevalent as the aforementioned countries.

Here’s some examples from some of the various countries:

IMG_9359 Hong Kong 251 2012-04-25_15-49-32_241

Source: I took these myself!


18 16 13 Example Knuckleboom folded


Having been exposed to them on the job site, I’ve realized just how handy these accessories are, and I wanted one. You know what they say, the only thing different between men and boys is the size of their feet, and the size of their toys…. I wanted one of these toys!

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