Knuckleboom Crane: Buying a crane

Part 3: Buying a Crane

First I heavily researched these cranes, finding out as much as I could, then I started searching eBay and waiting for the right one to show up. I initially found one out in Pennsylvania, and made some offers. The seller didn’t want to come as low as I wanted, so I let that one go, plus shipping from PA to South Dakota was going to be a bit higher than I wanted. I kept looking, and not too much later, I found one in Missouri. It was currently mounted to the back end of a railroad truck, and was currently operational.

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The seller wasn’t in a huge hurry to move it, which would allow me to arrange shipping details much easier…..Note, I’m currently in Shanghai, China for my day job as a designer, so everything had to be done through the internet and by phone. I was able to work out a deal with the seller, and I was the proud owner of a knuckle-boom crane…. Now to get it home! Early February, 2012.

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