Knuckleboom Crane: Analyzing the results…. I’m far from done!

At this point, July 5, 2012, I was out of time, and had to pack everything up to wait for the next visit.  I wasn’t satisfied with the speed (or lack thereof) of the hydraulics, plus it seemed that it couldn’t be just the air in the system causing the problem.  Unfortunately, I was out of time, and further testing would just have to wait until the next time I was at the shop.

Other items that needed to be completed:

  1. The 4th crane attachment point: this needs a spacer tube to get around the hydraulic tank mounts
  2. Flatbed attachment: I had only tack welded the bed on for temporary, and I wanted to move it back forward slightly to minimize the drastic overhang
  3. Exhaust pipe currently exits out the bottom of the cab, when standing next to it I was inhaling a lot of fumes, an exhaust stack might be the solution!