Tandem Axle Tilt Trailer

Tandem Axle Tilt Trailer

DIY double axle steel trailer with tilt

6’8″ wide by 18′ long deck with tandem torsen axles, 3500lbs each with electric brakes.  All steel construction, designed and built myself.  I got the axles and raw steel from an auction sale, and got a pretty good deal on it.  The entire deck tilts due to a hydraulic mechanism I designed and built myself.  The advantage of my mechanism is that the hydraulics have the most lifting power when the deck is flat, which is always when you need the most power.  It also allows the deck to lift on it’s own if you’re quick loading a skidsteer.

I put on 205/75/16 trailer tires, with brand new wheels.

Due to the steel construction, it’s a heavy trailer, weighing in at ~2000 lbs empty.

Here’s some fabrication pictures:


Tandem Trailer, 4-15-07 003 Tandem Trailer, 4-15-07 001

Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 003 Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 002

Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 001 Tandem Trailer, 4-15-07 002 trailer 002 trailer 001

Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 008 Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 004

Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 006 Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 007

Tandem Trailer 4-29-07 005

Now ready for some paint!

trailer 003 trailer 004

Here’s another set of the lift mechanism in action:

trailer 005 trailer 006 trailer 007



And here it is with the deck installed and a load of motorcycles:

Motorcycles on Trailer 002

Here’s a full load of building materials for the shop on the trailer.

100_2252 100_2253



trailer 009
Hauling a trailer on a trailer!

I’ve been really happy with this trailer, it pulls really smooth, never sways, easy to load/unload, and plenty of cargo capacity.