Recommended Pliers


A basic pliers can be a “good” substitute for wrenches, sockets, or just turning a stubborn screw. They can also be used for a multitude of odd jobs. A requirement for the person just starting out

There are many more types though:

Needle Nose Pliers: these have long tips on them, and can reach into areas inaccessible to other tools. Don’t expect to be able to put much force on them as you don’t have the leverage.

needle  nose pliers
8″ Needle Nose Pliers

Side Cutters Pliers: these have cutting edges instead of grippers and are used to cut off wire, cable, etc

side cutter plier
Channellock 7 1/2in. Side Cutter Long Nose Pliers, Model# 317

Tongue and Groove Pliers (Channellock is a brand name, but also used generically, like Kleenex vs facial tissue): these have adjustable jaws that can open very wide. If you are doing plumbing work, these are a must as they can open wide enough to turn the black iron pipe.

tongue and groove pliers
Channellock 6 1/2in. Tongue & Groove Pliers, Model# 426

There are many specialty pliers, and you can add them as necessary

Snap Ring Pliers: jaws with pins to remove internal or external snap rings. These can make this job so easy. Well worth the money even if you only remove and install 1 snap ring!

snap ring pliers
Channellock Snap Ring Pliers, Model# 927

Line man’s pliers: this incorporates a heavy pliers with a cutting area, and can be quite useful for a variety of tasks

linemans pliers
Channellock 9in. Rounded Nose Lineman’s Pliers, Model# 369