Knuckleboom Crane: Ready to do some REAL work!

Part 6: Ready to do some REAL work!

Fast forward to June 22, 2012, and I’m home at the shop for a limited number days.

Since the weather was warm, I wanted to get the knuckleboom crane outside and pressure wash it to remove as much of the old oil, grime, and loose paint before installing it.  In order to do that, I needed to get it picked up and moved outside.  Seeing the pictures of the shipper unloading it, I wanted a better lifting method, so I first fabricated a fork hook attachment.  That would allow me lock the hook onto the forks, and safely lift the crane.

Here’s my version:

IMG_9611 IMG_9614


More details on the fork hook attachment here.

Then I moved it outside, set it on some blocks, but kept the forklift attached as it was quite top heavy.


Then I got out the pressure washer and blasted off as much of the dirt and grime as I could. Now it was time to let the water dry off, and move onto the next step.

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