Knuckleboom Crane Build Details

Knuckleboom Crane Build Details


Click on the links below as for the build details of adding a crane onto a truck:  1951 International L-162 truck & IMT 700 Knuckleboom crane.

Part 1: Introduction & Why

1951 International Truck

Part 2: The Plan!
Part 3: Buying a Crane
Part 4: Getting it home
Part 5: Research and Planning….

Forklift Quick Tach
Part 6: Ready to do some REAL work!

Flatbed of 1951 International Truck
Part 7: Making room on the frame: moving the flatbed

8-20-2013 9-59-32 AM
Part 8: Frame Prep

Forklift lifting knuckleboom crane
Part 9: Preparing for the Lift!

1951 International truck and forklift
Part 10: The Lift!!! (onto the truck)

Brace for knuckleboom crane
Part 11: Bolting it down

Part 12: Hydraulic system!

hydraulic schematic 2
Part 13:  Hydraulic System 1st Test!

Part 14: Hydraulic System Test 2 & Outrigger installation

Part 15:  Hydraulic Test 3!

Part 16: Analyzing the results…. I’m far from done!

Part 17: On hold, but here is a really big knuckleboom crane truck in China!

Part 18:  Fast forward: time for more work!

tank comparison 1
Part 19: Another test of the hydraulic system

tank comparison 2
Part 20:  Additional Hydraulic system thoughts


Part 21: Testing the theory, then disassembly


Part 22: Re-Assembly… It WORKS!!!!

Part 23: Muffler, 4th Mount and VIDEOS!!

Link to the manual from IMT for this crane.  It also shows the load chart on page 6 of the PDF.
In looking closer, this is NOT the right manual for this crane.  The load chart is really faded that is riveted onto my crane, but I was able to write down the load chart ratings.


Mine currently only has one hydraulic extension, and so with that extended, it can lift 4500 lbs, at a reach of 15′ 4″.

load chart crane Capacity Table


NOTE: positions 4 & 5 are not applicable on my crane as they don’t exist.  Those numbers do become important if I were to add a manual extension to calculate the capacity.


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